About Pampanga & Angeles City

    Pampanga is fast becoming the wedding capital of Philippines which is hallowed as the wedding capital of the World already. There are many reasons for Pampanga’s popularity among wedding couples, wedding organizers and planners. Angeles City Clark Philippines is very accessible from Manila. In fact, once travelers get on the North Expressway NLEX, they will arrive inside of Clark Freeport without going through any cities and towns along the way. Clark boasts the best record when it comes to safety and security and Angeles City benefit a great deal from that.

    Low crime rates, absence of traffic congestion, noise pollution and a general sense of romance that Clark offers make this location the most frequently visited venue outside of Manila. Visitors and tourists staying inside Clark Freeport often take time off to savor the exciting nightlife in Angeles which is famous for its bars. Angeles City is famous among tourists and residents of Manila as the nightlife capital of the Philippines.

    Angeles City has always played an important role in the development of a special lifestyle in Pampanga, many called the American suburban lifestyle. Clark is the centerpiece of this lifestyle, offering peace, quiet and a sense of safety that cannot be found anywhere else in the Philippines. Pampanga, Angeles City provides contrast to this laid-black ambience of Clark, with its exotic nightlife, exciting bars and pubs. Many travelers prefer to stay inside Clark Freeport and going out to Angeles City to enjoy an evening of drinking and bar hopping on the famous strip, Friendship Road.

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