Outside Manila In the North

    Poor Philippines Records in Law and Order drove city dwellers to enjoy holidays in havens like Clark Freeport in Pampanga, North Luzon. Metro Manila has lost a great deal of its luster of old not only because of its failure to keep up with the times in development but also its reputation as a safe destination for family bonding, travelers looking to unwind and relax in the white sand of a beach or enjoy the breeze by a lake and retirees looking for a life of leisure.

    Poor Philippines Records in Law and Order drove city dwellers to enjoy holidays in havens like Clark Freeport. Luckily for the country, there are a few special places in the north that are not plagued by crime and safety concerns. These are the so-called special economic zones a.k.a. Freeports. One of the nearest destinations from Manila is the up-and-coming new cosmopolitan city of Clark Freeport, in Pampanga.

    Clark Pampanga is becoming the most frequently visited destination outside of Manila for corporate and personal events such as company outings, team building, corporate planning, picnic and other functions and events in the north.

    Philippines Clark Freeport Zone is located in Pampanga some 70 minutes from Manila, in the North Luzon region. Clark is slated as the next capital of the Philippines. Equipped with its own international airport which will replace NAIA as the country’s main airport, Clark offers daily international flights linking it to all major cities in Asia. Low crime rates and pollution levels help put Clark on the top of the list of travelers’ favorite destination near Manila. Clark is the highly recommended getaway destination for a short vacation out of town for residents in Manila and other major Asian cities.

    Angeles City and Clark Freeport offer a few good choices of churches and chapels. Neighboring Subic and Angeles City, Pampanga can also be considered for church weddings although most couples prefer to hold their receptions inside Clark Freeport for a number of reasons. Low crime rates, absence of traffic congestion, noise pollution and a general sense of romance that Clark offers make this location the most frequently visited venue outside of Manila.

    Subic was an ex-US naval base. Subic provides access to the sea for people who like to dive and sail. Visitors and tourists staying in Clark can travel to Subic via the newly finished SCTex – Subic-Clark-Tarlac expressway – a mere 25 minutes drive without any city traffic along the way.

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