Honeymoon resort

    Pampanga and Subic are becoming very popular for visitors traveling out of town from Manila for honeymoon or an anniversary in the north. Subic is now linked to Clark via the ScTex which cuts the journey down to a mere 25 minutes, with hardly any traffic to slow things down. Low crime rates, absence of traffic congestion, noise pollution and a general sense of romance that Clark offers make this location the most frequently visited venue outside of Manila. Subic, Angeles City and Clark, Philippines are very accessible from Manila. In fact, once travelers get on the North Expressway NLEX, they will arrive inside of Clark Freeport without going through any cities and towns along the way.

    Some of the best resorts and hotels are located inside Clark Freeport of Pampanga, just 70 minutes from Manila, Philippines. These highly recommended honeymoon establishments are conveniently accessible. Many resorts also offer wedding and reception venues.

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