Beach Wedding Venues

    Indoor receptions held in hotels and resorts in Manila are both costly and stuffy, and most guests dread invitations to attend wedding receptions in hotel ballrooms and restaurants. More and more, wedding couples everywhere in the Philippines prefer outdoor style beach weddings.

    Most beach wedding venues are public and offer little assurance of exclusivity and privacy that wedding couples require for their special day. Many of the beach venues that offer more privacy and security are very far away from Manila and Cebu. So even though there are many beaches in the Philippines, it is not always easy to find a beach wedding venue that is convenient, accessible, safe and clean.

    One of the top rated beach wedding destinations near Manila is Clark Freeport, Pampanga which is just 80 minutes out of town via NLEX North Expressway. Clark is now the most frequently visited and highly recommended beach wedding location in the Philippines.

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