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Wine Tasting Seminar on Food and Wine Pairing given by Yats Wine Cellars in Makati

Yats Wine Cellars holds wine tasting seminar on food and wine pairing in Makati, Manila on Saturday 17th November, 2012.

Leading distributor or fine vintage wines in the Philippines Yats Wine Cellars will hold a public wine tasting event this month. This event shall focus on the art and science of pairing wine with food.
This public wine tasting in Makati, Manila to be held in the Ayala Heritage Library in Makai on Saturday 17th November, 2012 is another rather special event.

This event is a wine tasting seminar dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and experience in the art and science of pairing wine with food. Although the pairing of food and wine is subjective and personal in nature, there are however fundamental principles that can serve as useful guidelines for sommeliers as well as food and wine lovers looking for ideas on how to select the right kind of wines to enjoy with certain a certain dish.

The dynamics of food and wine pairing will be discussed over a 30-minute seminar. This is not a full-length seminar. Knowledge of techniques as well as palate dynamics is not required for participants to enjoy this event. The seminar is intended to go through the fundamental principles of food-wine pairing as well as some useful guidelines to follow when selecting wines to pair up with food.

This is then followed by tasting of various kinds of food-wine pairings. The tasting is designed to illustrate the principles at work in real-life matchups of wines with different kinds of food.

Five flights of food-wine pairings are served during the course of this event to illustrate the different basic strategies and principles of food-wine pairing.

For this event, we have selected as venue, the cozy but small Tower Room of Ayala Heritage Library at the Ayala Triangle in Makati, Manila. It is our intention to keep the participation small – up to 16 persons only – so we can have more interactions and plenty of opportunities to share ideas and ask questions too.

Please note that this is not a wine dinner. Being a tasting the food portion is purposely kept small. Pouring size of the wine will be the usual 60ml. The event will start promptly at 4:30pm and ends also promptly, at 6:30pm. Participants are asked to be punctual.
Ticket price is php1500+VAT. Tickets are sold in advance.
Please click here to contact Yats Wine Cellars to purchase your admission tickets now.
Yats Wine Cellars
3003C East Tower, Philippines Stock Exchange Center,
Exchange Road, Ortigas Center, Metro Manila, Philippines

Tel: (632) 6331566

0917-540-3626 ask for Rea or Chay
This is one of those wine-tasting events that novices and seasoned wine drinkers can enjoy equally. Even for those who don’t drink wine regularly, attending this event might result in their expanding their preferences for alcoholic beverages.
Yats Wine Cellars is the leading importer, distributor and supplier of fine wine in the Philippines. It is also lauded by food and wine lovers for its work in educating the community of wine lovers in the Philippines not only in the appreciation of high-quality wine but also in the fine art of pairing food with wine.
Pairings are served in flights. Participants are well advised to rinse with water after each course so that their palates are refreshed and ready to appreciate the nuances of the next pairing.

Due to limitations in food preparation facilities of this venue, the food will be prepared off-location and slightly re-heated for serving. Understanding that this tasting is not an exercise of gourmet food tasting, we hope that the participants will forgive the crudeness and perhaps focus on the pairings instead.

As with all wine-tastings held by Yats Wine Cellars in the past, the objective is always to offer a convenient and cost-effective opportunity for wine enthusiasts to enhance their knowledge by tasting different kinds of wines side by side. There is nothing more revealing and informative than a comparative tasting of wines in a well designed lineup.
This event is dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and experience in the art and science of pairing wine with food. Five flights of food-wine pairings are served during the course of this event to illustrate the different basic strategies and principles of food-wine pairing.

Pairings are served in flights. Participants are well advised to rinse with water after each course so that their palates are refreshed and ready to appreciate the nuances of the next pairing.
The five fights of wine-food pairings selected for this wine-tasting session are:
The five flights of food-wine tastings are:

Caesar Salad
1999 Chablis 1er Cru Vaillons, Lamblin et Fils

It is a shame that wines are often missing on the table when a good salad is served. Admittedly vegetables are not a wine’s strongest ally but it also doesn’t mean the two should go their separate ways either. For more intense salads such as the ever-popular Caesar, the wine is not matched up against the green (Romaine lettuce in this case) but the rich and savory dressing. This medium-age Chablis is chosen for only for its vigor and lemony nose but also for its fresh acidity to ignite a synergy when it meets the Anchovy at the base. What one must avoid in the wine for this pairing is oak flavors. That would ignite something rather unpleasant on both sides.

Mixed Liver Pate served on Toast
1977 Eiswein, Niederthaler Germany

Three aspects are being introduced to each other with this pairing. First we start with the texture. A slightly coarse mixed-liver patè is chosen. The grainy texture of the food makes the wine feel a little bit more velvety on the palate. The high percentage of fat in the food makes the palate feel awfully tired and sleepy. Sweet wines are among the most acidic of all forms of wines. The acidity of this Ice Wine is called upon to cut through the fat in the liver making it feel a bit lighter. Lastly this old vintage Eiswein last shed some of its youthful unctuous sweetness. Its medium-intensity sweetness prevents the wine from cloying our appetite.

California Maki
2011 Traminer, Durnbert Altes Kreuz, Austria

Sake and Sapporo draught are probably the classic choice for just about all kinds of Japanese cuisine but just in case we really want only wine on the table or in the picnic basket, the safe play is a fruity white wine. Not just any white wine because flavor matching isn’t the only challenge in this game. Weight is something that is far too often overlooked in a match-up. This Traminer from Austria is no featherweight. Once the flavors agree, this pairing is really about matching up pound for pound. Other good wine options include Cote-du-Rhone Blanc and maybe a good Rias-Baixas.

Grilled Salmon
1990 Corton Marechaudes, Grand Cru, Prince Florent de Merode

The doctrine “Red wine with meat and White wine with fish” is about to be thrown out the window. Be that as it may, pairing red wine with seafood is still tricky business. The culprit here is iodine and some fish are just oozing with it. Those fish would reap havoc in the presence of red wine. Luckily Salmon isn’t one of those. Salmon is rich and savory but it is still a fish so a heavy red wine will overpower the food. Too much presence of tannin in the wine will ruin everything with any fish but acidity is welcome as it is required to “cut” the richness of the Salmon otherwise the combination will feel flat and flabby. This Grand Cru red wine from Burgundy’s famed Corton commune has reached an age where the astringency of youth has mostly been shed, leaving with us a smooth elegant and complex Pinot Noir that not only matches the flavors but more importantly the weight of the Salmon.

Vintage Port served with English Blue Stilton Cheese in Yats Restaurant

Small Platter of Blue Cheeses
Porto, Douro, Imperial Rouge, Daniel Sanders

If it is just one single cheese on the platter, a Cropwell English Blue Stilton for example, then one can be rather bold and reckless with the choice of Port. But when there are several kinds of blue cheese on the board, I would be more conservative and go with a port that is less tannic, not so cloying and with not so much chocolate flavors. This Imperial Rouge from Daniel Sanders provides the right combination of sweetness, structure and acidity. It may not be the perfect match for any particular cheese in front of us but it brings more out of all the cheese when enjoyed together. This is another good example of how contrasting the wine and the food could somehow result in perfect harmony.

Ticket Price is php1500+VAT and all tickets are sold in advance.

To purchase your tickets
Please click here to contact Yats Wine Cellars for inquiries and tickets
Yats Wine Cellars
3003C East Tower, Philippines Stock Exchange Center,
Exchange Road, Ortigas Center, Metro Manila

Tel: (632) 633-1566 or 0917-540-3626 and ask for Rea or Chay
About the Venue

The Ayala Filipinas Heritage Library is located at Makati Avenue, Ayala Triangle in
Makati City, Metro Manila. The Tower room is at the top floor. There is ample parking for those who plans to drive.

Enjoying the wine tasting event

Knowledge of wine is not required in this event. Although these public events are designed to be educational, they are first and foremost intended to be enjoyable by novices and seasoned wine drinkers alike.

Many participants also enjoy meeting new friends during these wine-tasting events. Some find it a great pleasure to talk to people with similar interests but different experiences in wine. Interesting stories are exchanged and opinions are shared during the tasting.
Thank you very much for your attention. We look forward to enjoying your company at this upcoming wine tasting event in Makati, Manila, Philippines.

Don’t forget to get your tickets now to this tasting of food and wine pairing on Saturday 17th November, 2012.

Yats Leisure Philippines


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