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This article titled ” Fun Outdoor Games for the Family” can be useful for planning your next trip to Pampanga Clark Philippines just 80 minutes north of Manila, near Angeles City and Subic. Hotel resorts in this location offers amenities such as the beach, the lake, swim spots, vast space for picnic and child-friendly amenities which all add up to a venue that is most suitable for family gatherings, camps, picnics and retreats. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, children and teens require aerobic exercises for better health.

Date:ย  10th November, 2010 from Clearwater Resort Hotel Clark Philippines which is just 80 minutes North of Manila near Angeles City and 30 minutes from Subic

Family gatherings find children clamoring for entertainment. Creative cousins, uncles, fathers and moms take advantage of family get-togethers to involve children of all ages in fun outdoor games for the family. No matter the event or the season, family members adapt old favorites to various occasions to create good times young and old.

Obstacle Courses

Any season provides opportunities for building outdoor obstacle courses. Require players to spend three minutes swinging from a rope swing, zip down a sliding board two times in a row, jump across Grandmaโ€™s backyard ditch, climb a small tree, swim a lap in the pool or play a round of hopscotch in the driveway before advancing further in the game. Party giver Lisa Kothari at Celebrations website suggests adding hay bales to an obstacle relay race or throwing a large hula hoop around a big pumpkin. Additional tasks might involve pumpkin jumping or crawling under dried stalks of corn stretched across cardboard boxes. Designing the obstacle course often proves more fun than running it or watching others attempt to master another hurdle.

Traditional Games

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, children and teens require aerobic exercises for better health. Outdoor games involving brisk walking, running, swimming, basketball, skating, jogging or any activity that increases heart rate and breathing improve health and provide family fun. Introduce younger family members to traditional outdoor games such as hide-and-seek, tag, 1-2-3 red light or Red Rover. Don’t overlook standards like touch football or a modified game of softball, kickball or softball.

Scavenger Hunts

Variations of old-fashioned scavenger hunts provide outdoor family fun. A rainbow hunt sends teams out to collect eggs (real or plastic) in rainbow colors. Team members might collect the entire spectrum of colors and earn matching face-painted stripes or place their eggs in matching egg cups or painted egg cartons. A bug hunt teaches courage as well as the names of insects and provides the joy of crafting homemade bug jars. Collectors create bug houses with colored markers, plastic bottles, boxes or other containers. They collect ants, worms, lady bugs, lightning bugs or crickets while learning what not to catch as well. Teams win recognition for the widest selection of bugs, the largest number and most colorful bug collection. Try photography scavenger hunts that involve taking pictures to add to the collection rather than actual objects.

Family-centered Games

Brigham Young University has established a reputation for family-centered activities. Staff members there suggest outdoor games that build community spirit. Sponsor neighborhood volleyball games or family Olympics with made-up events and silly prizes. Go biking, especially with tricycles or tandem bikes making up part of your entourage through the neighborhood.

Unlike other hotels and resorts in Pampanga, Clearwater Resort in Clark Philippines located near Angeles City just 70 minutes from Manila offers unusual features like a large fresh-water lake accompanied by several swim spots including a small white-sand beach, small and large swimming and wading pools.ย  Games and activities are important for outings and picnics to keep the events from stagnating into a boring experience.ย  However, overloading a day’s program with too much activities may ruin the balance between relaxation and excitement.ย  Here are some tips, articles, news, suggestions and pertinent information about organizing these get-togethers, events and gatherings.

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Hopefully this will help enhance the pleasures of your stay in this hotel and resort in Pampanga Clark Freeport Zone.

Are these articles useful for enhancing your travel, leisure and vacation plans in Pampanga, Philippines?ย  Yats Leisure hopes to provide you with ample information so you can plan your trips to Subic, Angeles City, Clark Freeport Zone or other interesting locations in the North whether you are travelling from Manila or other Asian countries such as Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, Malaysia or Korea.ย  The concierge of this resort hotel in Clark would be happy to assist you if you require more information on things to do with travel, leisure, accommodation, wine and dine, nightlife, event venues, team building, picnics, camping, family retreats, celebrations etc. to do with Philippines Angeles City, Clark Freeport Zone.

Popular Resort Hotel in Pampanga Angeles City Clark Philippines is a semi-private establishment located in the central business district near shopping, business, entertainment, airport and other conveniences of Philippines Clark Freeport Zone.


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