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This hotel and resort North of Manila Philippines is a ideal destination for a reunion for families, families and schoolmates. Amenities such as the beach, the lake, swim spots, vast space for picnic and child-friendly amenities all add up to a venue that is most suitable for family gatherings, camps, picnics and retreats. This article is about “Family Retreat Games – Games are an important part of family retreats, as it provides entertainment for the family”.

Date:  10th November, 2010 from Clearwater Resort Hotel Clark Philippines which is just 80 minutes North of Manila near Angeles City and 30 minutes from Subic

Games are an important part of family retreats, as it provides entertainment for the family. Family retreat games motivate family members to play and interact with one another. It pays to be proactive and make a detailed list of the games that will be played, as well as any essential game materials you need to buy beforehand. Awards, prizes and certificates can add a healthy and rewarding element to family games, especially for kids.

Physical Games

Physical games are some of the most interactive games options for families. Most active games are ideal for an outdoor setting. Classics include a sack race, egg toss, three-legged race, tug of war, capture the flag, red rover and different variations of scavenger hunts. Scavenger hunts encourage family members to work as a team and interact with the surroundings. They are especially ideal for family retreats taking place in a new location so the playing field is level. Other traditional sports are good options as well, such as baseball, football or basketball.

Board and Card Games

Board and card games come in many diverse formats, making it easier to find the right game for everyone. Plan ahead and make a list of the families favorite board or card games. Some classic board and card games are Scrabble, Pictionary, Life, Uno, Poker or Jenga. They are great when the family is hanging out indoors at night, or in case there is bad weather and you need to move the group indoors. Clue is another option; play it as a board game, or use it to design your own murder mystery game.

Family Games

Consider choosing a game to test how well family members know each other. Family Trivia involves odd as well as obvious facts of each family member. The more far-out the facts are, the more fun the trivia game becomes. Variations of classic games can be customized to fit the each unique family. For example, family bingo is as easy as replacing numbers with family names; use “Brian-4″ instead of “B-4″. The classic memory card game can be customized to be a family memory match, including fun facts that match up with the picture of a family member. Family Photographer Game requires all the children to take photos of each relative to see who can take the most pictures and correctly name everyone fastest. Or, customize other classic games like Monopoly to include family names, addresses and facts on the game board rather than the traditional design.

Unlike other hotels and resorts in Pampanga, Clearwater Resort in Clark Philippines located near Angeles City just 70 minutes from Manila offers unusual features like a large fresh-water lake accompanied by several swim spots including a small white-sand beach, small and large swimming and wading pools.  Games and activities are important for outings and picnics to keep the events from stagnating into a boring experience.  However, overloading a day’s program with too much activities may ruin the balance between relaxation and excitement.  Here are some tips, articles, news, suggestions and pertinent information about organizing these get-togethers, events and gatherings.

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Hopefully this will help enhance the pleasures of your stay in this hotel and resort in Pampanga Clark Freeport Zone.

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Popular Resort Hotel in Pampanga Angeles City Clark Philippines is a semi-private establishment located in the central business district near shopping, business, entertainment, airport and other conveniences of Philippines Clark Freeport Zone.


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