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Venison is a culinary name that is given to the meat of deer, which tastes like beef.

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3rd October, 2010

Venison is a culinary name that is given to the meat of deer, which tastes like beef. Though earlier, the term was used to describe meat of any mammal killed by hunting, it has now been restricted to the flesh of various species of deer. There are as many as 30 species of deer around the world, which include elk, caribou, reindeer, and moose. Venison meat is dense and fatty, thus making it a great addition to a healthy diet plan. It is a highly-prized and extremely delicious meat, with the taste beingdirectly related to the animalโ€™s diet. The texture of this kind of meat is supple and tender. The practice of domesticating venison for food is estimated to have begun in the ancient times, during Stone Age. New Zealand and United States are the leading countries, when it comes to the domestication of venison. To know about the nutrition value present in venison, go through the Food Rating Chart given below.

Venison Nutrition Facts

Amount of Venison: 4.00 oz-wt

Total Weight of Venison: 113.40 grams

Nutrients Amount
Basic Components
Protein 34.25 g
Carbohydrates 0.00 g
Water 73.97 g
Ash 1.72 g
Total Calories 179.17 KJ
Calories From Fat 32.56 KJ
Calories From Saturated Fat 12.76 KJ
Cholesterol 127.01 mg
Total Fat 3.61 g
Saturated Fat 1.41 g
Mono Fat 1.00 g
Poly Fat 0.71 g
Vitamin E Alpha Equiv 0.28 mg
Niacin ย B3 7.61 mg
Thiamin – B1 0.20 mg
Riboflavin – B2 0.68 mg
Niacin equiv 7.61 mg
Vitamin B6 0.43 mg
Vitamin E IU 0.43 IU
Vitamin E mg 0.28 mg
Folate 5.35 mcg
Pantothenic acid 0.36 mcg
Vitamin D mcg 0.35 mcg
Vitamin D IU 13.61 IU
Vitamin B 12 3.60 mcg
Calcium 7.93 mg
Copper 0.35 mg
Iron 5.07 mg
Magnesium 27.21 mg
Manganese 0.05 mg
Phosphorus 256.28 mg
Potassium 379.89 mg
Selenium 14.63 mcg
Sodium 61.24 mg
Zinc 3.12 mg
Mono Fats
16:1 Palmitol 0.04 g
18:1 Oleic 0.95 g
Poly Fats
18:2 Linoleic 0.45 g
18:3 Linolenic 0.11 g
20:4 arachidon 0.15 g
Other Fats
Omega 3 Fatty Acids 0.11 g
Omega 6 Fatty Acids 0.60 g
Amino Acids
Alanine 2.13 g
Arginine 2.47 g
Aspartate 3.47 g
Cystine 0.39 g
Glutamate 4.97 g
Glycine 1.75 g
Histidine 1.69 g
Isoleucine 1.36 g
Leucine 2.91 g
Lysine 2.99 g
Methionine 0.84 g
Phenylalanine 1.40 g
Proline 1.76 g
Serine 1.45 g
Threonine 1.61 g
Tryptophan 0.00 g
Tyrosine 1.21 g
Valine 1.60 g

Buying & Storing Facts

  • While buying venison, opt for younger animals, as their meat is tenderer. They have more finely grained flesh and whiter fat.
  • If you are buying fresh venison, make sure it is moist and springy, but not soft. Always check the sell by date before buying and always buy the one with the latest date.
  • Venison, like other meat, is highly perishable and hence should always be kept at cold temperatures.Refrigerate small cuts for two days and large cuts for three to four days.
  • Wrap venison in foil, so that the meat juice does not contaminate other food. Ground venison can be kept for two to three months; stew meat for three to four months; and roasts and steaks for six months.
  • Before cooking, defrost frozen venison in the refrigerator. The exact defrost time will depend on the size of the cut. While steaks and chops take almost 24 hours, roasts take two to three days. Bring venison to room temperature 30 minutes before cooking.

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Getting to this fine dining restaurant of Angeles City Clark Freeport Zone Pampanga Philippines

How to get to this fine-dining restaurant in Clark Philippines?ย  Once you get to Clark Freeport, go straight until you hit Mimosa.ย  After you enter Mimosa, stay on the left on Mimosa Drive, go past the Holiday Inn and Yats Restaurant (green top, independent 1-storey structure) is on your left.ย  Just past the Yats Restaurant is the London Pub.


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