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Visitors to Philippines find good reasons to visit this good hotel in Pampanga near Angeles City inside Clark Freeport

Clearwater Resort in Clark Philippines is one of the best out of town venues in the north for company outings, team building and other functions and events in Pampanga. Companies in Subic, Angeles City, San Fernando, Pampanga and Manila travel to Clark Philippines to hold their events in some of the beautiful outdoor event venues near the lake and beach of Clark.

On top the list of good hotels in Clark Philippines is Clearwater Resort. This hotel in Clark is popular because of its unique ambience and large outdoor space. Another factor that makes this hotel in Clark Philippines so well regarded by Manila travelers and families with children is that the location of this hotel offers low crime rates. This makes Clearwater Resort a safe and accessible place to visit for business, corporate events and family bonding outside of Manila.

Lodging in Clearwater Resort by the Lake

Named best hotel in Clark Pampanga in recent tourism survey, Clearwater Resort is lauded by visitors from Manila for the nice beach and swim spots around the beautiful lake of Clark; kids love this hotel more than any resorts in Angeles City Pampanga. Situated in a safe and secure location in the central business and shopping district of Clark Philippines, this popular hotel offers guests a sense of comfort and relaxation that other hotels in Angeles City and Subic do not. Many residents of Manila discover that the outdoors is the best place to unwind from the stress and pressure of living in the city. This resort in Clark Pampanga is well known to have the best outdoor facilities and picnic grounds near Manila, better than any of the best resorts in Manila, Angeles City, Subic and Clark Pampanga.

Family Inn Rooms in Brunello Picnic Grounds

Clark Pampanga offers some of the best holiday destinations in the Philippines, resorts and hotels to unwind, nice quiet place to rest; best resorts in Clark Pampanga even offer good beaches and generous outdoor space. Residents from Manila, Subic Bay and Angeles City frequently visit Clark to enjoy the special lifestyle that the best resorts in Clark Pampanga offer. The experience that hotel guests and tourists visiting these best resorts in Pampanga is not about luxury. In these hotels in Clark Pampanga, tourists relax and unwind in the safe and secure outdoor facilities, the lake, the beach, the picnic grounds, the green nature, the trees as well as the tranquility of a peaceful country park that only the best resort in Clark Pampanga has to offer.

Subic and Angeles City Pampanga resorts that offer outdoor facilities and event venues for team building and company outings are rare. Wedding planners and event organizers scour Pampanga to find the best hotel in Angeles City Pampanga for wedding receptions and anniversary parties. Many event organizers recommend Clearwater Resort and Country Club as the best resort in Angeles City Philippines to stage their events for small and large groups, lauding this hotel in Clark Pampanga for offering safe and secure outdoor facilities and private venues for all sorts of events, some can even be held by the beautiful lake of this resort.

White beach at Clearwater Resort Pampanga Philippines

The resort’s white-sand beach and its attached lagoon and swimming pool overlook the 3-hectare lake on which guests indulge in a little bit of fishing or to cruise around on a rowboat or kayak. A large 3000-square-meter wading pool sits next to the popular “Frolic Garden,” a picnic grounds where colonial games like croquet and horseshoe are played. On the other end is the Brunello Gardens, a 5-hectare grassland laced with old Acacia trees. Camping, picnicking and other outdoor activities are often seen here. A great deal of emphasis is placed on breakfast in this resort and it is served all day long at the Clearwater Café and Breakfast Garden which offers an alfresco area overlooking the Clearwater Lake.

Clearwater is the only resort in Angeles City Pampanga that offers safe and secure outdoor facilities for kids to enjoy the private resort while parents unwind and relax in the peaceful and calm picnic grounds of the hotel. Parents enjoy the stay in the top rated resort in Angeles City Pampanga knowing that their children are safe and enjoying themselves in the picnic grounds, Frolic garden, herb garden, beach and swimming pools of this country club resort in Clark Pampanga. Later on in the evening the whole family can gather for a nice family dinner in the fine dining Yats Restaurant or the family resto bar London Pub for a nice family dinner in Clark Pampanga. This resort in Angeles City Pampanga Clark Subic offers a good example of the laidback lifestyle that makes Clark Freeport so attractive to tourists and visitors from Manila.
Children ask their parents to bring them to the best resort hotel in Angeles City Pampanga for a treat during school breaks. In Clearwater which many regard as the best resort in Angeles City Clark Philippines, kids enjoy the outdoors some go swimming while others paddle kayaks and rowboats on the lake of this top rated hotel in Angeles City Pampanga. Parents enjoy this hotel in Angeles City Pampanga also, indulging in activities like fishing, resting and relaxing in the picnic grounds by the lake. In the evening, the whole family gathers at the best restaurant in Clark Pampanga, Yats to enjoy a sumptuous dinner, over a bottle of fine vintage wine from Clark Wine Center.

Famous lake of Clark Philippines

The amphitheatre is a unique feature of Clearwater which is well known to event organizers and wedding planners to be the best resort in Clark Pampanga for wedding receptions, family reunions, picnics, field trips, team building, company outing and other personal or corporate events outside Manila. Many residents of Manila, Tarlac, Angeles City, Subic and Clark Pampanga choose Clearwater Resort as the best venue for holding birthday parties. Clearwater offers private venues that are equally suitable for children and for adult celebrations such as birthdays and anniversaries. Event organizers and party planners highly recommend this well known resort in Clark Pampanga because of its green and natural ambience rarely offered in even the best resorts in Pampanga or the top rated hotels in Manila, Subic and Tarlac. Here in the outdoor picnic grounds or other event venues in Clearwater Resort, guests can celebrate birthdays and other special occasions in privacy and style, making this hotel in Clark Pampanga one of the most frequently visited resorts in Pampanga for parties and events.

Children rowing a boat on famous lake of Clark Pampanga

Event organizers and planners looking for a good hotel in Clark Pampanga that offers large venue for big groups in outdoor functions and gatherings highly recommend Clearwater Resort located near Manila in Angeles City Clark Philippines. Most deluxe hotels in Angeles City Pampanga are tight in space and few resorts in Manila offer any real outdoor space that families with children need to let kids enjoy outdoor activities in the facilities of a luxurious private resort near Manila. The best hotel in Angeles Pampanga Clark Freeport offers large space and facilities that can accommodate big events. The outdoor event venues of this resort in Angeles City Pampanga can accommodate concerts, company outings, team building and other company and social gatherings. This resort is well known as a safe and secure hotel in Pampanga. A lot of birthdays, baptismal, anniversaries, weddings, receptions and debuts are held in some of the exclusive event venues in the best resort in Pampanga.

Asian Tourists and Visitors from Manila laud Clearwater Resort & Country Club as the best hotel in Angeles City Pampanga, citing reasons such as safe and secure outdoor amenities, beautiful ambience, peace and quiet ambience, nice hotel rooms situated in romantic locations, a nice white sand beach, good swim spots, clean camp sites and camping grounds, and personal service that is warm and attentive. Clearwater is well known among frequent travelers and visitors to Clark as the best resort in Pampanga. Even residents of Angeles City Pampanga opt to spend a few days in this top rated resort in Clark to take the stress away from living in crowded cities. Tourists generally regard this famous resort as a good place to stay in Clark Pampanga.

Kayak in the lake of Clark Philippines

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Family bonding can be very enjoyable this summer vacation if travelers can go north to Clark Pampanga and hang out in famous and highly recommended beach resort near Manila Clearwater near Angeles City Philippines. This is one of the best hotel resorts in Pampanga, frequently visited by family travelers with children looking for a safe and secured deluxe resort in Clark.

There is a casual café with a beautiful view which serves good breakfast and basic lunch and dinner. Foodies can opt to drive over to Mimosa about 3 minutes away just a bit too far to walk, to have dinner at the fine-dining Yats Restaurant and Wine Bar. This cozy and romantic restaurant serves French Mediterranean cuisine at prices that are surprisingly affordable. For wine lovers, this restaurant in Mimosa Clark Freeport Pampanga is a treat with its award winning 3000-line wine lists that contain not only the famous labels but also connoisseurs’ choice of fine vintage wines.

Clearwater Beach and Lake Resort
Creekside Road near Centennial Expo, Clark Freeport, Pampanga Philippines 2023
(632) 633-1566 (045)599-5949 0917-520-4403 0922-870-5177 Joanne or Jeremy

Manila Sales Office
3003C East Tower, Phil Stock Exchange Center,
Exchange Rd Ortigas Metro Manila, Philippines 1605
(632) 637-5019 0917-520-4393 Rea, Kristine or Chay

Getting to this beach resort in Pampanga Angeles City Clark Philippines
After entering Clark Freeport from Dau and Angeles City, proceed straight along the main highway MA Roxas, passing the stand-along wine shop called Clark Wine Center on the right, continue to bear right making no turns at all, go past Mimosa Leisure Estate on the opposite side of the road, one will hit a major intersection. Go straight and the road becomes Creekside Road. YATS Clearwater Resort and Country Club is on the right just 200m down.

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Elegant Dining at Yats Restaurant

Staying in a good hotel or resort in Pampanga Clark Philippines, it might be a good idea to enjoy an evening of wine-and-dine in the deluxe and luxurious fine dining Yats Restaurant and Wine Bar that features an award winning 2700-line wine list. This luxurious restaurant is located in the safe and secured compounds of Mimosa Leisure Estate of Clark Freeport Zone. For more information, visit

YATS Leisure Philippines is a developer and operator of clubs, resorts and high-class restaurants and wine shops in Clark Angeles Philippines

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Famous Wine Shop in Pampanga Clark Wine Center

While staying in some of the best hotels in Clark, one might as well add to the itinerary a visit to the famous Clark Wine Center, the largest wine shop in Philippines which offers over 2000 selections of fine vintage wine from all wine regions, vintages spanning over 50 years covering all price ranges.

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Clark Pampanga has many good hotels and resorts to choose from, accommodating guests looking for holidays and vacations in a secured destination in the Philippines. Best hotels in Pampanga offer good outdoor facilities for children and kids to enjoy the resort while parents and adults relax and unwind in safe and clean venues. For assistance with hotels in Pampanga and Clark Philippines, log on to

The lifestyle in Clark Pampanga is quite unique because it is rich with outdoor activities. The outdoor resorts in Clark Pampanga are considered by travel agencies to be Pampanga’s major attractions and tourist destinations. For more information about activities such as shopping, sports, golf, leisure, hotel accommodation, where to see and visit, what to do, where to wine and dine and good places to hang out, relax, have a drink with friends, child-friendly establishments, log on to

Highly Recommended Family Resto Bar The London Pub in Clark Pampanga

The London Pub is a very popular resto bar for residents, tourists, business executives and visitors from Manila to hang out, drink, relax and unwind after work or a game of golf during the day. Fine English cuisine, family comfort food is served. It is also very famous for the best fish n chips in the Philippines.

Yats International Leisure Philippines

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