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Welcome to the contact form designed to make it easy for you to tell us how we can be of assistance to you. We offer several forms each designed for a different kind of requirements and interests. If you are interested to book a venue for an event, kindly click on this link to bring up the form for banquets, functions and events:


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Clearwater is one resort hotel in Clark Philippines that is very eager to hear from its valued guests. Just submit the form below and the resort hotel concierge will attend to your inquiry and bookings immediately. Clark Philippines is a wonderful city, poised to become the new capital of the Philippines. Clearwater Resort & Country Club is exceedingly pleased and lucky to be located in Pampanga Clark Freeport Zone's central business district. The location of this resort hotel in Clark which adjoins nightlife capital of Pampanga, Angeles City, offers the convenience of access to the Clark International Airport, several world-class golf courses, fine dining restaurants and family dining establishments. The resort is literally within walking distance to Clark's shopping malls.

To ensure an even more speedy and efficient response to your inquiry and booking, may we suggest that you provide as much details as possible to the resort's concierge. Information is contact form is treated with confidentiality and disclosed on a need-to-know basis to ensure privacy of our resort guests. In the unlikely event that the resort's concierge fails to respond within 48 hours, may we trouble you to email or call us at your earliest convenience? Clearwater wants to maintain a certain level of responsiveness to resort hotel guests no matter how busy we are at the moment.

We sincerely thank you for your interest in our resort hotel in Clark Philippines and look forward to welcoming you to visit us in Pampanga Clark Freeport Zone very soon.

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Residents of Manila and other crowded cities in Pampanga like Angeles City and San Fernando travel to Clark to enjoy a peaceful day in Clearwater Resort and Country Club for their birthdays.  Here in this well known resort in Pampanga, families and friends gather to celebrate a birthday while relaxing and enjoying a stress-free day in the outdoors, by the lake or among the large trees in the picnic grounds of this popular hotel in Clark Pampanga.   Parents and adults are not the only ones who enjoy the clean and safe outdoor facilities of this highly recommended resort in Clark Pampanga.  Children have fun with the outdoor facilities, the beach, the water sports, the kayak and rowboats and also the bikes and air-soft guns too.  Here in this peaceful lake and beach resort in Pampanga, guests enjoy a memorable day while attending a birthday celebration.

On the recommendations of Pampanga travel guides, families with children in Manila travel to the north for the best resort in Clark Pampanga that has a good beach for water sports and a picnic in the safe and secure outdoor.   Pampanga tourist guides and travel tips cite Clearwater as one of the best resorts in Pampanga, a safe and secure tourist destination that kids love also. Unlike even the best resort in Angeles City Pampanga or other hotels in Manila or Subic, Clearwater Resort provides lots of green facilities so that guests can enjoy the outdoors in a peaceful and quiet ambience.  Residents of Manila and Angeles City Pampanga who suffered stress of living in the city can finally relax and unwind in this well known private resort in Pampanga.

Spa is not the only way to unwind for people who are stressed out by Manila traffic and noise pollution.  Tourists from Europe and America laud Clearwater as the best resort in Clark Pampanga citing in particular the hotel's faithful rendition of the laidback lifestyle that has made Clark famous among travel agencies and event organizers of Manila.   Philippines Tourist Guides list Clearwater Resort and Country Club as one of the top five Pampanga resorts and the top three resorts near Manila for family travelers with children.

Clark Pampanga offers some of the best holiday destinations in the Philippines, foreign owned and managed resorts and hotels to unwind, nice quiet place to rest; best resorts in Clark Pampanga even offer good beaches and generous outdoor space.  Residents from Manila and Angeles City frequently visit Clark to enjoy the special lifestyle that the best resorts in Clark Pampanga offer.  The experience that guests and tourists visiting these best resorts in Pampanga is not about luxury.  In these hotels in Clark Pampanga, tourists relax and unwind in the safe and secure outdoor facilities, the lake, the beach, the picnic grounds, the green nature, the trees as well as the tranquility of a peaceful country park that only the best resort in Clark Pampanga has to offer.

Best resort in Clark Pampanga lauded for its rendition of the laidback lifestyle that Clark is famous for, attracting visitors from Manila, Angeles City, Subic, Pampanga and Tarlac to visit this hotel in Clark to spend a memorable day by the famous lake of Clark, relaxing and unwinding in the picnic grounds while kids enjoy the park swimming or playing with rowboats and kayaks.  Leisure outdoor activities appeal to residents of Manila looking to unwind and relax after a stressful week at work.  This resort in Clark Pampanga may not be the most luxurious hotel in Pampanga but it is one of the deluxe hotels in Clark that tourist and visitors from Manila favor for a peaceful and quiet holiday away from the city.   In fact, Clearwater Country Club is considered to be one of Pampanga’s tourist attractions, one of the places that visitors to Clark Pampanga should visit.

For those who need to keep in touch with the rest of the world at all times, Clearwater Resort is an area that has free wifi in Clark Pampanga.

Best hotel in Angeles City Pampanga offers outdoor facilities, good ambience around the lake and safe picnic grounds for families with children, regarded as the best hotel in Clark Pampanga for travelers with kids; adults love this private resort in Pampanga because they can unwind and relax by the beach, lake and large trees.  This is the picture that guests of the best resort in Pampanga expect to find when they travel out of town from Manila to the north to get away from the stress and noise of the city.  Once they arrive in Clark, guests feel the luxury of nature in the safe and secured outdoor facilities of the best hotel in Clark Pampanga.  Clearwater Resort and Country Club is well recognized as one of the best resorts in Pampanga where guests can really enjoy nature in the outdoors.  There is no need for a great deal of activities in this deluxe hotel in Clark Pampanga.  In fact, many guests just want to take it easy, relax and rest in the beautiful ambience of the lake of this deluxe resort.  Many make reservations at the luxurious fine dining Yats Restaurant in Mimosa just minutes from this resort in Pampanga, for a luxurious dinner in a deluxe first-class restaurant that is well recognized as one of the best restaurants near Manila.

Asian Tourists and Visitors from Manila laud Clearwater Resort & Country Club as the best hotel in Angeles City Pampanga, citing reasons such as safe and secure outdoor amenities, beautiful ambience, peace and quiet ambience and nice hotel rooms situated in romantic locations.  This resort in Clark Pampanga also offers a nice white sand beach, good swim spots, clean camp sites and camping grounds.  This hotel in Clark Pampanga is well known for its personal service that is warm and attentive.  Clearwater is highly recommended by frequent travelers and visitors to Clark as the best resort in Pampanga.  Even residents of Angeles City Pampanga opt to spend a few days in this top rated resort in Clark to take the stress away from living in crowded cities.  The stress-free lifestyle of Clark makes this one of Pampanga’s major tourist attraction, a tourist destination that is highly recommended by frequent tourists and travel agencies.

Tourists visiting Philippines look for the best hotel in Pampanga that they can unwind and relax as a short getaway trip from Manila, play some golf, a little fishing and swimming afterwards, to spend a few days to enjoy the outdoors in a private resort in Angeles City, Clark Philippines. The lifestyle that visitors and tourists enjoy in the best resorts in Clark Pampanga leaves them with a memorable experience that even the best hotels and resorts in Manila, Subic and Angeles City Philippines do not offer.  The green and peaceful ambience of the outdoor facilities of the best resort in Clark Pampanga is unique to this popular tourist destination near Manila.  Here in the best foreign owned resorts in Clark Philippines guests savor the tranquility of safe and secure outdoor amenities which take away the stress of living in a city like Manila.  Some guests enjoy a nice bottle of wine underneath large trees as part of enjoying the day in the outdoor facilities of the resort in Pampanga.  Others prefer to sit on the porch of the cottages and cabins by the lake of Clearwater Resort and enjoy the cool breeze from coming off the water.  This laidback lifestyle that guests of the best resort in Clark Pampanga is lauded by frequent travelers and visitors to Pampanga.

The best resorts in Clark Pampanga offer a special kind of experience that is different from that of the best resorts and hotels in Angeles City, Manila and Subic Philippines.  One of the reasons why residents of Manila travel out of town towards the north is to enjoy the outdoor otherwise one might as well stay in the city and not bother to travel to Subic, Angeles City or Clark Philippines.  What Clark Pampanga has to offer is a special sense of freedom that only resorts with large outdoor space and facilities can offer to guests from Manila.  This hotel in Clark is one of the best vacation spots outside of Manila.

Manila families with small children looking for an accessible place for kids to have fun frequently visit private resort in Clark Pampanga to unwind relax in family bonding, top venue for reunion.  Planning a trip out of town with children requires selecting a good, safe and secured resort near Manila, a hotel in Pampanga that children can be safe and kids can enjoy the outdoor picnic grounds of the private resort also.  Clearwater is generally regarded as the best resort in Clark Pampanga for families with children, looking for a safe and clean destination for their trips out of Manila.  Clearwater Resort in Clark Pampanga is also a very popular choice by event organizers for school outings and field trips also.

Outdoor activities bring visitors from Manila and tourists from crowded Asian cities to the best resort in Clark Pampanga, one of the more frequently visited deluxe hotels near Angeles City, Subic and Clark Philippines.  Best resort in Pampanga offers more than hotel accommodation near Angeles City, Subic and Clark Philippines, but good outdoor facilities for kids to enjoy when family travelers go out of town from Manila on getaway to the north to visit Subic and Clark Freeport

Highly recommended place to bring children for holidays in Manila Philippines is Clearwater Resort in Clark Airbase.  This private resort in Pampanga near Manila where there are plenty of things to do for kids also.  Manila families travel north to Pampanga Clark throughout the whole summer, bringing their kids and small children to swim and enjoy the outdoors.  This frequently visited private resort in Pampanga is highly recommended by travel guides for family bonding, family reunions and other social events. 

Families with small children prefer outdoor hotel in Manila, clean and safe place in Pampanga Clark to bring kids to relax and unwind.  Outdoor space is an important criterion affecting the selection of a suitable hotel in Clark Pampanga for family bonding or to relax and unwind with friends.  Best hotel in Clark Pampanga offers good outdoor facilities, large picnic grounds, lake and beach and other outdoor amenities making it possible for guests of this frequently visited hotel in Clark to relax and unwind with no stress.


Families with small children prefer outdoor resort in Manila clean and safe place in Pampanga Clark to bring kids to relax and unwind.  Family bonding is much more effective and enjoyable in a private resort that offers large outdoor facilities, picnic grounds, beautiful scenery, peaceful and quiet ambience.

Highly recommended summer vacation destination outside Manila is Clearwater Beach Resort in Clark, a safe and convenient tourist spot that offers natural ambience for visitors to enjoy the outdoors with no stress.  Generally regarded as the best hotel in Clark Philippines, Clearwater Resort gives its guests a sense of safety, peacefulness and security, things that families and tourists look for when they plan a trip to Pampanga.  These are some of the virtues that tourists coming to the Philippines and visitors of Pampanga Clark Philippines look for.  That’s why most visitors prefer to stay at this top rated hotel in Clark whenever they make a trip out of town from Manila towards the north, Pampanga, Subic or Angeles city.

Travelers going north to Clark Pampanga look for enjoyable hotel for family bonding during summer vacation in Philippines.  Most prefer the privacy of an exclusive resort that offers outdoor amenities like beach, lake and picnic grounds so the whole family can spend quality time, lay back and rest with no stress.  Residents of Manila and other major cities in Asia come to Angeles City Clark Pampanga to get away from stress of work and living in crowded cities.  Here in Clark Philippines, tourists and visitors find peace and quiet in the laidback leisure lifestyle that makes Clark such a frequently visited destination for families with children.  This lifestyle is so relaxing that many visitors end up planning to retire in Clark Pampanga.

There are not that many private resorts in Pampanga that are suitable for families with children.  At Clearwater Resort, children enjoy the vast space while adults relax and unwind under large Acacia trees that can be found on the large picnic grounds of this top rated hotel in Clark.  No wonder, this hotel in Clark is one of the most popular and frequently visited resorts in Pampanga.  This private resort in Clark Philippines is safe, convenient and accessible by residents of Manila, Subic, Angeles City Pampanga and Cebu.  It is in this private place that visitors can enjoy a tranquil holiday, a stress free lifestyle, relax and unwind peacefully in calming spots inside Clark Pampanga.  Visitors feel that this is the best outdoor resort for a day-trip or quick getaway from Manila.

Families are also looking for places near Manila with white sand beaches in convenient location easily accessible from Manila.  Many travelers look to the north for places to swim and relax with children and friends.

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