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Clearwater & Country Club
Clearwater Resort & Country Club is a faithful rendition of the American suburban lifestyle, a revered memory of Clark when it was once the largest offshore US airbase. Well-off families in the Philippines fly abroad several times each year to bask in this quality lifestyle. In between trips, many drive to Clark Freeport to enjoy something similar - a weekend of laidback, clean and safe living - not so far away from the city.

It is impossible to capture the charm and character of this resort hotel in Clark Philippines with words or even a few pictures. Perhaps the faces and expressions of visitors of all ages spending a few hours of a few days in this unique hotel in Clark Freeport, Pampanga Philippines, tell a better story of the lifestyle and the memorable experience of spending some quality time with friends, family and children in this highly recommended vacation destination in Pampanga near Manila.

Angeles City is Pampanga’s nightlife capital city and Clark is frequently visited for a more peaceful lifestyle where guests can visitors from Manila can unwind and relax.  This beach resort hotel is frequently visited for events like wedding, company outings, team building, baptismal, birthday parties, prenuptial, camping, school picnics, product launching, family retreats and other corporate events and social gatherings also.

Here in Manila where traffic, pollution and crime reduce the attractiveness of the location as a destination for events, many companies and families travel out of town to the north towards Pampanga Angeles City and Clark Freeport for a getaway or a weekend escapade to unwind and relax in a beautiful resort and hotel.  Many are surprised to find a nice white sand beach in Clark so near to Manila.  Others like the calm and peaceful setting of the park in Clark where one can enjoy fishing, boating or to paddle a kayak in the fresh water lake in Clark.

Reservations and bookings can be made through the sales office in Manila, Ortigas Center.  Companies located in Makati, Quezon city, Alabang, Fort and Pasig favour the idea of travelling out of town from Manila to Pampanga to enjoy the leisure lifestyle of this resort hotel in Clark.

Sights and sounds of Pampanga Angeles City Clark Philippines Clearwater Resort & Country Club tell of a simple lifestyle filled with pure relaxation enjoyed in a leisure pace. Guests of this Clark hotel staying overnight at one of the hotel rooms in this Clark Freeport resort enjoy the different facets of charm during different times of a day. Waking up in a hotel room overlooking the resort’s lake, watching maintenance crew attending to the grooming and cleaning of the hotel’s picnic grounds and beach areas is a memorable sensation.

This hotel in Clark Philippines is a popular destination for family retreats and picnics. The popular Clark Freeport hotel appeals not only to adults but children also. The 13-hectare lake-based resort provides safe, clean and free-range feelings. Children love to explore the amenities of this Clark Freeport Hotel Resort on their own. Parents enjoy wonderful moments of peace and quiet at the hotel in one of the many picnic garden spots throughout this Clark Freeport hotel. Clark’s premier lake resort also offers a nice beach attached to a pool and a swimming lagoon all overlooking the hotel’s 3-hectare fresh water lake that is the centerpiece of this hotel.

Pampanga is one of the largest and most important provinces in the Philippines, home to several important presidents of the country.  Pampanga is near to Metro Manila, a mere 45 minutes along the North Expressway, passing through Bulacan.   San Fernando is the capital of Pampanga but Angeles City and Clark Freeport Zone are Pampanga’s most vibrant cities. 

This hotel in Clark Philippines is an easy 70 minutes drive from Manila along North Expressway free of any city driving once leaving Manila. Yats Clearwater Resort is the premium hotel in Clark Freeport with lake, beach, gardens and plenty of picnic and camping space, also very popular venues for weddings and corporate events.
Clearwater Resort situated in Pampanga near Angeles City, Subic and Manila also offers venues for small and large events from 50 to 1500 people. Event Venues for Weddings, Garden reception, team building, corporate and social events are very suitable at this hotel in Clark Philippines. Many companies in Manila, Subic and Angeles City book event venues in this resort hotel in Clark Philippines for their annual parties and summer company outings.

Philippines Angeles City Clark Freeport Resort that is one of the few child friendly resort hotels near Manila.  Pampanga’s most popular hotel in Clark Philippines Yats Clearwater Hotel Resort is just 80 minutes from Manila easily accessible via NLEX North Expressway connecting Manila to Clark Freeport Zone without any city traffic along the way, very convenient for visitors travelling from Manila to Angeles City and this hotel in Clark Philippines.

Clark Philippines Clearwater Resort located near Manila is designed for family particularly young children to enjoy the hotel’s space and ambience in safety. Parents can relax underneath the hotel’s old Acacia tress by the resort’s lake or beach while children frolic in the park of this hotel in Clark Philippines.

Things to do in Clark Philippines - relax in Clearwater Resort then wine and dine at Yats Restaurant & Wine Bar. Clark Freeport Zone also has its own Clark International Airport so visitors can bypass Manila altogether and head straight into the new cosmopolitan city of Clark where the laid-back lifestyle of a U S suburban lifestyle combined with luxury of a Golf and Casino capital await.

YATS Clearwater Resort in Angeles Clark Philippines is exactly what Clark is about – American suburban lifestyle of leisure and laid-back quality living. Special packages are now available from this hotel in Clark Philippines for local and foreign tourists.
Lake, beach, 13ha of trees and green, safe, secure, clean environment for kids to roam around free are some of the things attracted many local and tourists to spend a few quality nights at this US-suburban hotel in Clark Philippines. YATS Clearwater Resort and Country Club is known for an ideal environment where a family can fully enjoy themselves.

This hotel resort in Clark Philippines is a good rendition of the lifestyle that the Americans left behind after they left the Clark Airbase. A good short description of the lifestyle in this Clark Freeport hotel is suburban laid-back slow-paced clean living, something that big cities like Manila, Hong Kong and Seoul lack.
YATS Leisure Philippines, a developer and operator of clubs, resorts, hotels and high-class restaurants and wine outlets in Clark Angeles Philippines has announced a special full-board package for YATS resort hotel in Clark Philippines called Clearwater Resort and Country Club, just 5 minutes from Angeles City.

Budget airlines, familiar western hospitality, safe and clean city are some of the many attractive features that make this resort hotel in Clark Philippines a popular destination for Asian tourists visiting the Philippines.

There is a white-sand beach, man-made, with an adjoining swimming lagoon, overlooking the large 3ha lake of this hotel in Clark Philippines. Across the lake of the hotel is a wooded area called Frolic Garden where we found a croquet garden, swings and hammocks and a couple of horse-shoe throwing grounds.

From there one can see the amphitheatre that again overlooks the lake with the stage actually setting over water. This event venue looks ideal for small concerts, plays and other entertainment for a small capacity of about 150. There are over 12 venues for events of all sizes from 50 to 5000 in this hotel in Clark Philippines. Evidently, many weddings took place in Yats Clearwater Resort and it is not difficult to see why. This hotel in Clark smacks of romance. It is probably even better for a honeymoon. This Clark Resort has a row of 8 log cabins sitting right by the edge of the hotel’s lake with a veranda over water. It was really something else to wake up and walk out to a view of an idyllic lake at dawn. Occasionally, special arrangements can be made with the hotel for breakfast to be served on the veranda. That would be quite magical.

The Hotel in Clark Philippines is a fairly large place so guests need to be ready for a bit of walking, although golf carts can be rented to get around the resort. To some, that defeats the purpose of spending time in a park. But one could rent bikes to paddle around the Clark Resort and that would be a nice way to enjoy the amenities of this hotel in Clark Philippines. This is in sharp contrast from the lifestyle in cosmopolitan Manila. Rooms of this popular hotel in Clark Philippines are basic, furniture a little sparse compared to resort hotels. One could characterize the lodgings to be in the class of bed-and-breakfast and not resort-class.

Getting to this resort hotel in Clark Philippines
After entering Pampanga Clark Freeport Zone from Dau, Angeles City or ScTex, proceed straight along Clark’s main highway MA Roxas, passing Clark’s wine shop called Clark Wine Center on the right. Continue to bear right along this main road of Clark Freeport making no turns at all, go past Clark’s Mimosa Leisure Estate on the opposite side of the road, one will soon hit a major intersection. Go straight and the road becomes Creekside Road. YATS Clearwater Resort and Country Club is on the right just 200m down.

Angeles City is a vibrant city in Pampanga Philippines, always filled with life and surprises.  Angeles City provides contrast to the peace and tranquillity of the lifestyle in Clark Freeport Zone.  However, it is Clark Philippines that drives the growth in the region of Pampanga, Subic, Tarlac and Bulacan, bringing investment and tourism into the Philippines via Clark International Airport DMIA.