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About the Resort

A family needs more than a golf membership to build a lifestyle that establishes a healthy living routine. Programs and activities are essential condiments in life but a staple family itinerary needs a private facility that serves as a backbone supporting a quality lifestyle. Some fortunate families have a backyard in their homes and some have SUVs to take the family for an out-of-town excursion. Something's is still missing - a membership to a country club that you can call your own.

Clearwater Country Club is imbued with the ambience of a suburban lifestyle that was created and left behind by the Americans families when the base was actually the largest off-shore US air base. This lifestyle can probably be described as laid-back, a bit colonial and very family oriented. Although there are plenty leisure activities to spend the day, the best way to enjoy the club is probably kick back and do as little as possible, easier said than done of course. A picture show is available on DVD if you wish to know more about what Clearwater as to offer. When pressed for a short answer to the question "how would you characterize Clearwater from a visitor's perspective", one is tempted to answer "Clearwater Country Club is a country park around a fresh water lake offering leisure amenities and a small number of hotel rooms for those who want to spend the night".

If it is time for you to grant your family with a lifestyle that everyone can indulge in and grow with it for a lifetime, then a membership to Clearwater Country Club may just be the best idea for you this year. Here is how you can contact us for more information or to talk to one of our business representatives about becoming a member.

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Feedback from Manila travel agencies, Pampanga frequent tourists and Philippines holiday destination guides indicate a change in the criteria for selecting the best hotel in Clark Pampanga.  Visitors from Manila, Cebu, Subic and Pampanga are no longer looking for luxury and convenience in their selection for a good place to stay in Clark.  Instead the important factors to consider for travelers and those looking for a good resort in Clark for holidays and vacation include safety, security, clean outdoor facilities and a generally relaxing ambience that can help the guest relieve some of the stress from work in a crowed city like Manila.    This is one of the best resorts near Manila.

Tourists and families with kids from Manila looking for good place for birthday parties in Pampanga frequently visit Clearwater, well known as the best resort in Clark Pampanga.  Aside from being a good vacation spot near Manila, this hotel in Clark Pampanga is frequently reserved for birthday parties, kiddy parties and other birthday celebrations in Pampanga.  Manila residents as well as those living in Subic and Angeles City Pampanga prefer to hold their birthday parties in Clearwater Resort, a highly recommended venue for personal and corporate functions and events near Manila.

Many residents of Manila discover that the outdoors is the best place to unwind from the stress and pressure of living in the city.  This resort in Clark Pampanga is well known to have the best outdoor facilities and picnic grounds near Manila, better than any of the best resorts in Manila, Angeles City, Subic and Clark Pampanga.  Clearwater is a unique resort hotel near Manila.  This hotel in Clark is also a good relaxing spot near Manila and it offers free wifi internet access in Pampanga also.

Named best resort in Clark Pampanga in recent tourism survey, Clearwater is lauded by visitors from Manila for the nice beach and swim spots around the beautiful lake of Clark; kids love this hotel more than any resorts in Angeles City Pampanga

Top spot in the list of the best resorts in Pampanga goes to Clearwater in Clark, a frequently visited hotel in Pampanga Angeles City Clark Philippines specially favored by families with children because kids love this resort in Pampanga for its safe outdoor gardens and large picnic grounds.  Parents praise this resort as the best hotel in Clark Pampanga for the natural beauty of its lake, the white sand beach and the large trees that provide shades when guests decide to rest and take a nap in the safe and secured picnic grounds of this deluxe hotel.   Many visitors cite the resort’s natural charm and beauty as reasons for regarding Clearwater as the best resort in Pampanga. Although the hotel rooms of this resort are not the most luxurious and fancies among hotels in Angeles City Clark Pampanga, guests of this famous hotel in Clark enjoy their stay in Clearwater Resort for the peaceful and relaxing feeling that take the stress away.

Best country club in Pampanga offers outdoor facilities for leisure activities in a secured hotel and deluxe resort outside Manila; located in the safe and secured location of Clark, Clearwater is regarded as a deluxe hotel in Pampanga, although not high in luxurious resort amenities, this deluxe resort in Clark offers guests a chance to enjoy many outdoor activities that kids can have fun also. Well recognized as the best club outside Manila, Clearwater did not build its reputation on luxurious facilities and high prices for resort and hotel accommodation.  Instead, visitors from Manila and tourists visiting the Philippines from crowded Asian cities laud this deluxe hotel in Pampanga for its safe and secured outdoor space that allows guests, especially children, to enjoy all sorts of leisure and outdoor activities including swimming, fishing and kayaking.  Many residents of Manila travel to this resort in Clark Pampanga to hold their birthday parties in one of the exclusive venues of this hotel.  Most of them recommend this resort to friends as the best hotel in Clark Philippines.  Birthday celebrations at Clearwater resort is always a memorable experience, one that brings guests of this well known resort near Manila back to Clark for holidays and vacations also.

If it is time to rest and relax from too much stress at work in Manila, travel out of town on a getaway, head north towards Subic and Pampanga, visit Angeles City and Clark Philippines, relax and unwind in the best resort in Pampanga, enjoy leisure activities in the safe and secured outdoor space in deluxe hotels in Clark, bring the children to luxurious restaurants that are child friendly serving not only good food but also fine vintage wines that cannot be found in Manila.  That is the lifestyle that resorts like Clearwater Country Club offers to visitors needing a break from the stressful life in the city for a much needed holiday and vacation in the peaceful and quiet city of Clark Pampanga.

Top rated outdoor place in Pampanga, highly recommended for families with children looking for a good safe place for kids to play and enjoy family bonding with parents, is Clearwater which many tourists and visitors from Manila consider to be the best resort in Clark Pampanga.  Those visitors to Pampanga looking for the best resort in Angeles City Pampanga frequently opt to stay at Clearwater instead.  Many consider that resort in Clark to be the best hotel in Angels City, Philippines.  Enjoying the reputation of being the best resort in Pampanga, Clearwater keeps enhancing its outdoor amenities making it more and more children friendly while keeping it peaceful and quiet for parents to also enjoy the hotel in Clark.

Best outdoor place for family bonding with small children near Manila and Pampanga Philippines is Clearwater, the best resort in Clark Pampanga, a deluxe hotel that many tourists and visitors from Manila regard as a safe and secured destination for holidays and vacations.  Event organizers totally agree and frequently choose Clearwater as their best event venue for company outings, team building, sports, weddings, school field trips, camping and conventions.  The vast outdoor space of this well recognized hotel in Pampanga provides several event venues that offer privacy and exclusivity not available in other deluxe hotels in Pampanga.  The beautiful ambience of this luxurious resort in Pampanga makes this deluxe hotel a popular choice for wedding receptions, prenuptials and birthday parties for residents in Manila, Subic, Angeles City and Clark Pampanga.


List of hotels in Clark Pampanga Philippines is out and topping the list released by travel agencies and visitors guides is Clearwater Resort, the top rated hotel in Clark Philippines, many regard as the best hotel in Pampanga.  In addition to being the best hotel in Clark Philippines, Clearwater Resort is also a highly recommended place to go in Pampanga, Angeles City and Clark Philippines.  Clearwater as also regarded as the best country club outside of Manila, a deluxe resort in Pampanga that offers a sense of privacy and exclusivity to its guests getting out of town away from stress of the city to enjoy peace and quiet time in a safe and secured resort in Pampanga.  Guests do not care about luxury but recognize the importance of good ambience in a secured hotel in Pampanga where the whole family can enjoy all sorts of outdoor activities together, feeling a sense of family bonding that can only be achieved in a peaceful and relaxing deluxe hotel outside of Manila.

Best hotel in Pampanga is a top rated place to visit outside of Manila.  This private resort in Clark Philippines is one of the hotels in Pampanga that kids enjoy Clearwater Resort the most.  This Pampanga hotel is conveniently located near Manila and Subic.  The hotel in Pampanga is a popular field trip destination near Manila and the private resort offers the best venue for school outings and family picnics is Clearwater Resort located in Angeles City, Clark Philippines.

Manila families with small children looking for an accessible place for kids to have fun frequently visit private resort in Clark Pampanga to unwind relax in family bonding, top venue for reunion.  Planning a trip out of town with children requires selecting a good, safe and secured resort near Manila, a hotel in Pampanga that children can be safe and kids can enjoy the outdoor picnic grounds of the private resort also.  Clearwater is generally regarded as the best resort in Clark Pampanga for families with children, looking for a safe and clean destination for their trips out of Manila.  Clearwater Resort in Clark Pampanga is also a very popular choice by event organizers for school outings and field trips also.

Outdoor activities bring visitors from Manila and tourists from crowded Asian cities to the best resort in Clark Pampanga, one of the more frequently visited deluxe hotels near Angeles City, Subic and Clark Philippines.  Best resort in Pampanga offers more than hotel accommodation near Angeles City, Subic and Clark Philippines, but good outdoor facilities for kids to enjoy when family travelers go out of town from Manila on getaway to the north to visit Subic and Clark Freeport

Highly recommended place to bring children for holidays in Manila Philippines is Clearwater Resort in Clark Airbase.  This private resort in Pampanga near Manila where there are plenty of things to do for kids also.  Manila families travel north to Pampanga Clark throughout the whole summer, bringing their kids and small children to swim and enjoy the outdoors.  This frequently visited private resort in Pampanga is highly recommended by travel guides for family bonding, family reunions and other social events. 

Families with small children prefer outdoor hotel in Manila, clean and safe place in Pampanga Clark to bring kids to relax and unwind.  Outdoor space is an important criterion affecting the selection of a suitable hotel in Clark Pampanga for family bonding or to relax and unwind with friends.  Best hotel in Clark Pampanga offers good outdoor facilities, large picnic grounds, lake and beach and other outdoor amenities making it possible for guests of this frequently visited hotel in Clark to relax and unwind with no stress.


Families with small children prefer outdoor resort in Manila clean and safe place in Pampanga Clark to bring kids to relax and unwind.  Family bonding is much more effective and enjoyable in a private resort that offers large outdoor facilities, picnic grounds, beautiful scenery, peaceful and quiet ambience.

Highly recommended summer vacation destination outside Manila is Clearwater Beach Resort in Clark, a safe and convenient tourist spot that offers natural ambience for visitors to enjoy the outdoors with no stress.  Generally regarded as the best hotel in Clark Philippines, Clearwater Resort gives its guests a sense of safety, peacefulness and security, things that families and tourists look for when they plan a trip to Pampanga.  These are some of the virtues that tourists coming to the Philippines and visitors of Pampanga Clark Philippines look for.  That’s why most visitors prefer to stay at this top rated hotel in Clark whenever they make a trip out of town from Manila towards the north, Pampanga, Subic or Angeles city.

Travelers going north to Clark Pampanga look for enjoyable hotel for family bonding during summer vacation in Philippines.  Most prefer the privacy of an exclusive resort that offers outdoor amenities like beach, lake and picnic grounds so the whole family can spend quality time, lay back and rest with no stress.  Residents of Manila and other major cities in Asia come to Angeles City Clark Pampanga to get away from stress of work and living in crowded cities.  Here in Clark Philippines, tourists and visitors find peace and quiet in the laidback leisure lifestyle that makes Clark such a frequently visited destination for families with children.  This lifestyle is so relaxing that many visitors end up planning to retire in Clark Pampanga.

There are not that many private resorts in Pampanga that are suitable for families with children.  At Clearwater Resort, children enjoy the vast space while adults relax and unwind under large Acacia trees that can be found on the large picnic grounds of this top rated hotel in Clark.  No wonder, this hotel in Clark is one of the most popular and frequently visited resorts in Pampanga.  This private resort in Clark Philippines is safe, convenient and accessible by residents of Manila, Subic, Angeles City Pampanga and Cebu.  It is in this private place that visitors can enjoy a tranquil holiday, a stress free lifestyle, relax and unwind peacefully in calming spots inside Clark Pampanga.  Visitors feel that this is the best outdoor resort for a day-trip or quick getaway from Manila.

Families are also looking for places near Manila with white sand beaches in convenient location easily accessible from Manila.  Many travelers look to the north for places to swim and relax with children and friends.