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Advantages of Selecting Clark and Clearwater for Your Event


While participants pay attention only to the fun side of things, organizers as well as the management look out for their safety and wellbeing throughout the event.  Although no one can guarantee absolute safety for their guests, the nature and location of the venue play a significant role in reducing exposure to safety risks.  Here are some of safety advantages offered by our properties in Clark:

  1. Clark Freeport itself is well known among event planners as a destination that has the lowest crime rate.  Even the 60-minute journey to Clark offers not only the comfort of the refurbished NLEX-ScTex highway but it also means that it eliminates potential hazards of travelling on roads through small towns along the way.  Once the bus gets on NLEX, the next exit would be Clark itself.
  2. Properties of Yats in Clark like Clearwater Resort and Country Club for example are private establishments.  Access is naturally restricted and as such, members and guests enjoy a sense of exclusivity while inside this property.   Less interaction with the general public further reduces potential safety and security risks.


Clark is probably one of the most accessible event destinations outside of Manila not only in terms of distance but the quality of the journey.  As mentioned about the direct link from Manila to Clark is all covered by expressways, not only does this make the journey by bus extremely comfortable, it makes the time of arrival very accurate.  In other words, your event starts on time instead of one or two hours late because of some unforeseen traffic holdup in one of the towns that the journey takes you through.

The 60-minute journey from Metro Manila to Clark means even more to day-trip excursions.  The extra 2 to 3 hours of time saved from the journey means more time to enjoy the facilities.  Participants arrive fresh and ready for action instead of feeling exhausted and worn out from a long and tedious journey.


Guests of past events have frequently praised their event organizers for the choice of venues.  One of the most frequently cited reasons is the unique ambience that our properties in Clark offered.   They were referring to not just the ambience of natural charm and beauty of the lake and picnic grounds but the general ambience of a country park.   Clearwater for example, is a striking contrast to a busy city like Manila.  It is not about the beach or the swim spots, not even the picnic grounds and other facilities of the resort.  It is really the general feeling of being in a place that doesn’t force you to have to do something other than to relax, unwind and enjoy nature.

What this really means is that the participants enjoy a reprieve from the stress and pressure of living in the city.  For many participants this is probably one of the most rewarding aspects of the day.

The facilities of Clearwater are designed to support what we call “the suburban lifestyle” which as mentioned above, offers a distinctly different way of living compared to being in the city.  And two of the biggest problems that plague most modern cities are (1) noise and (2) congestion.

The vast area – 13 hectares - of Clearwater eliminates excessive noise and congestion even when several events take place concurrently.  Each event venue is designed to offer maximum privacy.  The 3-hectare freshwater lake not only provides – along with the large trees on the property – the natural cooling effects, it gives plenty of separation among different venues.


The properties of Yats in Clark including Clearwater, Yats Restaurant and Wine Bar, London Pub and Clark Wine Center are all available to form a complete Clark experience.  And if that is not enough, other facilities in Clark such as Spa, Horseback riding, GO-carting, shoot range and other entertainment and recreational outlets are available. 

Oh, for those who have plenty of time to kill, the shopping malls are just behind Clearwater, yes, walking distance, but that depends on how much one has to carry on the way back from the malls.

Professional event organizers can mix some of these facilities into the programs of their events.


Last but certainly not least, the destination is one of the most important factors in the final selection of a suitable venue for an event.  No matter how attractive is the venue itself its location can make all the difference to the success of an event.

This was exactly what we had in mind when choosing a location to build Clearwater back in 2000.  There are inherent factors; that no matter how hard one tries and how much money is poured into rectifying problems, they simply can’t be solved.  Some of these factors – law and order, congestion, pollution, traffic, privacy for example – have been mentioned above.  Event organizers have also noted that the feeling that participants get once they enter Clark made the event that much smoother already.  Everyone seemed to be in a good and relaxed mood the minute they saw the wide roads free of traffic; took a breath of fresh air and listened to the wind, birds and natural things that made Clark such a special place.

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