The Coconut Palace

Truly one of the most treasured piece of Philippine architecture, the Coconut Palace is a great option for hosting your wedding reception. The Coconut Palace offers, beautiful landscapes as well as top notch interiors. The second floor is off limits to guests and to most people for that matter. One of the greatest features of The Coconut Palace is the view of the ocean and the beautiful poolside in which your reception will be held. Which means that if it does in fact rain during your wedding it will be a very wet affair. For those with foresight the alternative venue is the quite small room in one of the wings on the first floor. There is air conditioning in this room but it will prove to be very small and quite cramped for your guests. But when the conditions are perfect, the poolside of The Coconut Palace is rivaled only by the great views at the Sofitel and Manila Hotel, but I personally would rate it just a little bit higher. With that said I think that some of the designs at the poolside could use a little bit more elements, like park benches, a small nipa hut or more lights. Overall, The Coconut Palace is a very cool and historical place to hold your wedding reception, but it could use some minor face lifts.
The Coconut Palace is located near the PICC (Philippine International Convention Center) in Roxas Blvd.

Some hotels and resorts in Angeles Philippines Clark has the perfect ambience for a romantic beach wedding and a garden style wedding reception, exactly the kind of wedding venue we have been looking for to get married in the Philippines. Angeles City is near Clark Philippines and just 90 minutes from Manila.

One of the highly recommended wedding destinations is Clearwater Resort & Country Club located in Clark, Pampanga. Garden style wedding reception can take place within a few meters from the beach of this hotel in Clark Philippines so guests and observe the ceremony at the comfort of their seats on the table.

It is important to visitor that the family feels safe in a hotel in Angeles Philippines. That is a main reasons that we choose to stay in this hotel in Clark Pampanga outside of Manila Philippines. Many don’t like the hotels in Subic or some of the hotel in Angeles City Pampanga. This highly recommended hotel in Angeles city Clark Philippines does not make them comfortable and secure.

Traffic along the North Expressway NLEX from Manila to Clark is always light and the new Subic Tarlac Clark Expressway ScTex takes visitors straight into Clark Freeport without going through any towns and cities along the way.

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