Hotel Housekeeping Hygiene Horrors – The Perils of Hotel Bedroom Drinks-11OCT02

by: Anne Carroll

What are your first thoughts when you see disposable glasses or cups in a high quality hotel room? Possibly – ‘they’ve let themselves down with those’; ‘they are really poor quality and not in keeping’; or could they actually be – ‘Thank goodness for that!’? Well, after carrying out recent research on the internet, my reaction in future will definitely be the third one.

Have you ever given any thought to how that hotel bathroom glass may have been treated over the previous few hours? Could it be that the maid rinsed it out wearing the same rubber glove she used for cleaning the toilet? Did the previous guest suffer from any contagious diseases which may have left germs lurking in saliva on the glass? How hygienic were the last occupant’s habits before handling the glass?

And don’t forget to note that some hotel glasses never leave the bedroom, never have a drop of hot water used on them and certainly never encounter a drip of detergent in their lifetime. Some glasses have even been known to be sprayed with chemical toilet cleaner before being merely rinsed out with cold tap water. An internet search is a truly horrific enlightenment – check out those hidden cameras, but brace yourself for a shock.

How many tea towels have you seen in a hotel room or on a house keeping trolley? I have not seen any – ever. So… how are the glasses and cups dried? Yes – you’ve guessed it – probably using the dirty towels left on the floor by the previous occupant – and I leave you to imagine what sort of nooks and crannies those towels may have explored over the previous 24 hours! An internet search is a truly horrifying enlightenment.

The solution lies in hotels providing high quality disposable products that will give guests and hotel management alike the confidence and security of knowing that drinks can be enjoyed free from grime, grease and germs. Disposable paper cups have improved dramatically in recent years and represent a robust alternative to china and glass, the experience of taking a drink from today’s products is vastly different.

Disposable cups and glasses are now crafted using highly superior eco-friendly materials. Sparkling, crystal clear styrene glasses can be used for bathrooms. They can be hygienically sealed until use with a Snappy Heat Sealer and these types of glasses have the added safety benefit of not smashing into razor sharp smithereens when dropped on hard bathroom surfaces such as marble, granite or tile.

Quality, heavy weight 8oz paper counter service cups are a stylish and ideal choice for hospitality trays, cutting the need for time and resource consuming washing up. Products can even be imaginatively and creatively designed and printed, possibly to complement decorative themes or to publicise hotel services, room service menus or logos. The space on the paper cup could even be sold on to third party local attractions or businesses cutting the initial outlay costs – the possibilities become endless.

In these days of heightened public awareness of the importance of exemplary personal hygiene standards, I will definitely seek out establishments that put my health and well being at the top of their list of priorities, giving me peace of mind when taking the next sip from a quality disposable paper cup and above all – hygienic drink receptacle. Thank goodness for that!

Short cuts by hotel cleaners could be leading to potentially harmful levels of bacteria being left on drinks receptacles in hotel bedrooms. Disposable drinks receptacles need to be regarded as the hygienic and safe alternative and not as a cheap, inferior quality product…


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