Fernwood Gardens

Address: 69 Cenacle Drive, Sanville Subdivision, Quezon City

One of the pioneers in revolutionizing the wedding industry. Fernwood Gardens came into fame when some famous actors and actresses started holding their wedding receptions there. Aesthetically it easily lives up to its billing as a garden within the city. Nature is all around you as you dine. Around the venues there are small ponds in which ducks and swans roam freely. It looks like a huge greenhouse from the outside or one of those aviaries from the movies. It really feels as if you are stepping into a whole new world. For grand entrances, they offer a horse drawn carriage . In the time when most weddings were held inside fancy hotels, Fernwood Gardens sure did a lot to grab attention and revolutionize how soon to wed couples thought of wedding receptions. These days Fernwood Gardens still holds the mystique and the beauty which makes it such an attractive wedding venue.

This breakfast garden café is absolutely the most idyllic alfresco wedding reception venue in Angeles City Clark Philippines. This wedding venue is exactly what Clark Freeport needs, a nice simple bistro café where one can get good quality breakfast and enjoy the food in peace at leisure pace.

Generally regarded as the best hotel in the North near Manila as well as the top beach resort in Clark, Clearwater maintains a consistent standard with respect to products and services. No wonder it is the most frequently visited place for wedding and outdoor receptions.

Traffic along the North Expressway NLEX from Manila to Clark is always light and the new Subic Tarlac Clark Expressway ScTex takes visitors straight into Clark Freeport without going through any towns and cities along the way.

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