CITY OF SAN FERNANDO–Macabebe Councilor Bembong Balgan is at the prime of her life, doing well as an official of a family-owned school and her recent venture in politics ended on a high note.
Balgan overwhelmingly topped the 2013 councilors’ race, setting a record of sorts on the number of votes she got and lead over the other winners. She led by at least 4,200 votes against the second placer considering the number of votes cast was some 24,000.
Balgan, 37 years old, President of the Colegio De San Lorenzo in Quezon City, could have chosen to bask in glory and comfort being an elected official in the town ruled by members of their family since 1951. Her mother, Mayor Annette Flores-Balgan was recently unopposed for her second term.
“I want stress. I want work because I want to make a difference in public service,” said Balgan in an interview on Sunday at the 409 Resto and Bar at Northwalk 2 here.
Balgan disclosed that she had been a “big fan” of influential people and groups such as Amnesty International Philippines (AIP). She added that she had attended seminars of AIP and other groups but “I noticed something lacking which is crucial in the fulfilment of their respective plans.”
“They (groups) have no authority. You need power of a local official to make things work as planned,” said Balgan. She added that the implementation of projects is at the grassroots level undermining the importance of mayors, governors, councilors and barangay officials.
Balgan said one of her prime reasons for targeting the PCL presidency is to “make the plans and projects of the national and local governments work efficiently.”
Balgan cited the recent plans of Gov. Lilia Pineda to make a “renewed effort and commitment” in solving the garbage problem in Pampanga.
“If the PCL members will work well and in harmony, the governor can use the group in promoting segregation of garbage at source. Imagine 214 councilors with powers and authority working to help the solid waste management plans of the province,” she added.
“Whatever I get or achieved is not for me but for Pampanga and its hardworking Gov. Pineda. I want the governor to use me because I am smart, dedicated and workaholic like her,” said Balgan.
Balgan vowed “transparency, camaraderie and equal sharing of resources” once elected on July 24. The 214 Pampanga councilors will vote for PML president and other officers.
“If the governor gives us one plastic bag of sand, then we divide it equally, so to speak,” said Balgan. “That’s both sharing the resources and practicing transparency.”
Balgan said she will tap her friends and connections in ensuring the protection of members of the PCL through the availability of all forms of insurances for them.
Balgan stressed that “what’s important is that the councilors will also feel they belong in a group and will foster camaraderie.”
“All my life, I belong to clubs and the main aim is to feel that a member is welcome and is part of the club,” said Balgan.
“I want to make a happy and productive PCL,” she added.
Asked if what will the implications be if she will not win in the PCL election, Balgan said “I think it will be their loss.”
“All I offer is sincere work and I know I will work well and succeed with the cooperation of the members,” she added.
Balgan is a graduate of the University of San Francisco (USF) in California, USA. She earned a degree in Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) at the Ateneo De Manila University. She also got her postgraduate diploma in professional accounting at the Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand.

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