January 31, 2011

Organizing a church picnic can be challenging, but the benefits far outweigh the cost so it’s good to know how to organize a church picnic. A church picnic gives all of the members a chance to relax, spend time with friends and get to know new people. This type of laid back environment gives a new perspective on the idea of church and community.

1. Decide on a date and time. Be sure to take into consideration other church sponsored events as well the seasons. Many church picnics are held immediately following the service. If this is the case, schedule the picnic to start after giving families time to get everything together.

2. Choose a location. The location is almost as important as the date. Planning and set up will be easier if there is a place on the church property to hold the picnic. If not, look into community parks in the area. Also, think about the number of people that will be attending. Make sure that location will be able to support that many parishioners.

3. Will the church provide the food, or will it be potluck? If the food will be furnished by the church, brainstorm a list of items that will be needed. Don’t forget things like condiments as well as any paper products. If everyone will be bring a dish to share, you may want to create a sign up list. This will ensure that there are not ten potato salads and only one two-liter soda. Just like the shopping list, think about everything that will be needed for the event.

4. Announce the picnic in the church newsletter or bulletin. Make sure that you include the date, time and let people know if they need to bring anything. It would be helpful to have a phone number listed for people who have questions.

5. Ask for or search for volunteers. Consider talking to some of the church teachers or leaders to help enlist some groups to help out with set up or clean up. Men’s groups and women’s groups may have suggestions of ways they can help. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. A church is a community of people and within it, there are people with talents that you can utilize. Organizing a church picnic does not have to be a hassle. Surround yourself with people willing to help.

Comparison of crime rates between Philippines Angeles City and Clark Freeport Zone sheds light on the difference between the twin cities of Pampanga. Regular guests of Angeles City Hotels begin to migrate on base into hotels inside Clark Philippines not only for peace and quiet but peace of mind and a sense of safety and security.

It is important to many families to feel safe in a hotel in Angeles Pampanga. That is one of the main reasons that many tourists and local visitors from Manila choose to stay in a hotel in Clark Freeport Zone just outside Manila Philippines. Many tourists traveling with families and children do not like the hotels in Subic or some of the hotel in Angeles Pampanga. The resorts in Philippines Angeles City do not make guests feel comfortable and secure.

The beach resorts, leisure parks and vacation hotels in Clark Pampanga offer a unique ambience that supports a laidback relaxing lifestyle. Many visitors travel north to Clark Pampanga from Manila to unwind and relax in these resorts.

New developments from Clark Philippines that may be pertinent to businesses and investments in Pampanga Clark Freeport Zone are posted on HotelClarkPhilippines web site. Clark Philippines is a fast growth economic and business city comparable to Manila Philippines.

Retirement in Philippines is an interesting investment opportunity for foreign companies. Many investors are looking for a destination near Manila that offers safety and quietness to develop residential and retirement projects and Clark Pampanga seems to be an attractive business proposition. Investment opportunities in Clark Philippines include hotel and resorts, retirement village, vacation rentals, condominiums and other residential projects, and other leisure, tourism and hospitality businesses. Land in the main zone of Clark Freeport is not easy to find and is not as cheap as before but Clark is still much more attractive compared to other investment destinations in Philippines.

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Hotel Clark Philippines
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Central Business District, Clark Freeport Zone,
Pampanga, Philippines 2023

Tel: (045)599-5949 0917-520-4403 0922-870-5177

Manila Sales Office
3003C East Tower, Phil Stock Exchange Center,
Exchange Rd Ortigas Metro Manila, Philippines 1605
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Getting to this hotel in Clark Philippines
After entering Clark Freeport from Subic, Manila, Dau and Angeles City, proceed straight along Clark’s main highway MA Roxas, passing Clark’s largest wine shop called Clark Wine Center on your right, continue to bear right making no turns at all, go past Mimosa Leisure Estate on the opposite side of the road, you will hit a major intersection. Go straight and the road becomes Creekside Road. YATS Clearwater Resort and Country Club is on your right just 200m down. Traffic in Clark Philippines is light so it should be quite easy for get to this hotel in Clark Philippines.

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