Clark Wine Center

Bldg 6460 Clark Field Observatory Building,
Manuel A. Roxas Highway corner A Bonifacio Ave,
Clark Air Base, Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga, Philippines 2023
Tel: (045) 599-5600 0917-826-8790
Manila Wine Shops
Tel: (632) 633-1566 or 0922-870-5173

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Philippine’s largest wine shop Clark Wine Center is more than a fine wine store to buy interesting vintage wines at attractive prices. Conveniently located near the entrance of Clark Freeport Zone, this wine shop is also used by many as event venues for Christmas parties, social functions and company outings.

Wine lovers all over Asia know of this place and make the trip to Clark Philippines to load up on rare vintage wines that are often cheap in comparison to prices in their home towns. Moreover, old vintage wines especially those that are not that famous are hardly seen in Asia can be found in this frequently visited wine shop outside of Manila Philippines.

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  1. Gravatar of Aleksandr Basilashvili Aleksandr Basilashvili
    16. December 2010 at 08:02


    It takes more than just a couple of phrases to describe the success achieved by the Alaverdi Alcoholic Beverages Co. in the 9 years of its operation. Over that period the company grew to become the largest producer of alcoholic beverages in Georgia. It was possible due to the combination of centuries-old traditions of Georgian wine-making with the new European technologies of natural wine production. Owing to the application of high technologies the company received quality certificates – ISO 22000:2005; ISO 9001:2008 and was awarded numerous prizes and medals: 75 gold, 18 silver and 5 bronze medals plus a Grand Prix.

    Wine has been known to the human race since times immemorial and it is not by chance that it came to be referred to as the Nectar of Gods. For more than 40 centuries wine has been the life partner of many generations of people. Numerous ancient sources used to refer to wine as “the juice of vine”.

    Health-giving properties of wine are known from ancient times. For instance, in ancient Georgia wine was used as an antiseptic agent. Wine was offered to the wounded and their wounds were covered with wine-wet bandages. Wine-healing began to spread in the early Middle-Ages. In those days magical properties were ascribed to wine – the Nectar of Gods.

    Wine contains numerous organic substances exercising beneficial effect on human organism. It includes several kinds of organic acids: tartaric acid that stimulates digestion, malic and lactic acids which stimulate metabolic function; 24 micro-elements, including potassium, phosphorus, manganese, zinc, rubidium, fluorine, vanadium, iodine, titanium, cobalt and others, Group B vitamins as well as vitamin P reinforcing vessel walls; pectines and tanning agents that remove radioactive nuclides and heavy metals from the body. Red wine is rich in antioxidants which impede formation of atherosclerotic plaques, reduce cholesterol level and thrombocyte count. In addition, red wine contains volatile oils and ester, aldehyde and acetaline which not only add a pleasant flavor to the beverage but also tend to reduce the blood pressure and tone up the nervous system. In medical practice wine is used as a preventive and therapeutic agent for treatment of cardiovascular, gastro-intestinal, pulmonary, infectious and oncological diseases.

    Functional effects of wine:
    - It is an antioxidant – it binds and removes free radicals from the body,
    - normalizes the level of blood lipids (in particular, cholesterol),
    - exerts anti-cancer effect, impeding the growth of malignant cells and even suppressing tumors, simultaneously stimulating the ability to regenerate benign cells,
    - supports functional capacity of thrombocytes by reducing blood viscosity and thus ensuring free blood flow in vessels; supports elasticity of vessel walls elasticity, – i.e. it exerts anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial action,
    - maintains skin smoothness ands elasticity preventing premature ageing; it demonstrates the capacity to regenerate and stimulate the growth of gelatinous tissues and return the young look to withered skin,
    - exerts anti-allergic action by neutralizing histamine discharge,
    - improves memory and increases resistance to stress,
    - reduces blood sugar,
    - improves visual acuity; it is effective in case of retinopathy (retina lesions) in diabetes and hypertension patients,
    - Cardiovascular disorders (hypertension, stroke, MI, atherosclerosis),
    - In adverse ecological and radiation conditions and hazardous industrial environment,.
    - For improvement of stress stability and elimination of stress consequences,
    - For prophylaxis and treatment of cancer (for chemotherapy and radio-therapy patients),
    - Prophylaxis and treatment of varicose veins and trombophlebitis,
    - For improvement of blood micro-circulation in organs and tissues,.
    - For allergic disorders of various origin, including bronchial asthma,
    - For prophylaxis and treatment of retinopathy in diabetes and hypertension patients.

    Wine is a remarkable gerontology protector; in other words, it is especially indicated for elderly persons to normalize sleep and stimulate metabolism. Georgians say that “Wine is milk for the elderly”.

    However, wine, like any other medicine, can be detrimental in excess doses. Mixing wine with other beverages, such as beer, vodka, etc., would exert especially harmful effect. To make sure that wine brings you benefit one is to know in what quantity it should be consumed. Exact figures might vary depending on one’s peculiar features – gender, age, height, weight, etc. Contemporary scientists believe that normal dose of wine consumption is one to three glasses to be taken at meals. For an adult and healthy male the norm of consumption is equal to 300 to 350ml; for females it is up to 150ml.

  2. Gravatar of Roberto Cariño Roberto Cariño
    13. February 2012 at 18:53

    Presenting one of the finest wine from norther Spain

  3. Gravatar of BUY WINE IN MANILA 2005 Ch. Meyre, Haut-Medoc from Yats Wine Cellars BUY WINE IN MANILA 2005 Ch. Meyre, Haut-Medoc from Yats Wine Cellars
    24. May 2012 at 07:56

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    7. July 2012 at 06:43

    [...] Click here to contact Clark Wine Center in Clark Pampanga for inquiries and orders. [...]

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    7. December 2012 at 08:01

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