About fishing

    Fishing is one of the popular outdoor activities in Pampanga especially in Angeles City and Clark Freeport. The famous lake in Clark Philippines is frequently visited not only by people who are into fishing but also by visitors from Manila looking for a good resort and hotel in Pampanga where they can relax and unwind. The resort by the lake of Clark is a very popular choice among visitors and tourists spending time in Angeles City, Subic and Clark Pampanga.

    This day-trip destination and vacation spot near Manila is secure, convenient, safe and accessible from Manila and other Asian cities. Clearwater Beach Resort located in Clark Pampanga, is a private resort hotel that is great for family bonding. Families with children also can hang out in tranquil stress-free environment and then to unwind and relax near lake and trees. Other families organize camping and overnight family outings in this top rated hotel resort near Manila, in Angeles City, Pampanga, Clark Philippines.

    On the recommendations of Pampanga travel guides, families with children in Manila travel to the north for the best resort in Clark Pampanga that has a good beach for water sports and a picnic in the safe and secure outdoor. Pampanga tourist guides and travel tips cite Clearwater as one of the best resorts in Pampanga, a safe and secure tourist destination that kids love also. Unlike even the best resort in Angeles City Pampanga or other hotels in Manila or Subic, Clearwater Resort provides lots of green facilities so that guests can enjoy the outdoors in a peaceful and quiet ambience. Residents of Manila and Angeles City Pampanga who suffered stress of living in the city can finally relax and unwind in this well known private resort in Pampanga.

    Clark Pampanga offers some of the best holiday destinations in the Philippines, resorts and hotels to unwind, nice quiet place to rest; best resorts in Clark Pampanga even offer good beaches and generous outdoor space. Residents from Manila and Angeles City frequently visit Clark to enjoy the special lifestyle that the best resorts in Clark Pampanga offer. The experience that guests and tourists visiting these best resorts in Pampanga is not about luxury. In these hotels in Clark Pampanga, tourists relax and unwind in the safe and secure outdoor facilities, the lake, the beach, the picnic grounds, the green nature, the trees as well as the tranquility of a peaceful country park that only the best resort in Clark Pampanga has to offer.
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